What is Medicare? What is a supplement? How do I avoid a Pentalty?

We Get It. Understanding Medicare Can Be Frustrating.

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Are you 65 or older, disabled, or experiencing a health condition? Work with an agent to determine your eligibility and understand the benefits available to you.

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Know all of your options and make an informed decision regarding Medicare coverage by comparing plans side by side and enrolling in coverage personalized for you.

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Jeff Thomas Insurance Services provides personalized guidance and support for clients in Pennsylvania and Florida seeking Medicare insurance coverage. With over 20 years in healthcare management services, including Medicare and Medicaid, Jeff Thomas knows how to navigate the complexities of health insurance. Jeff Thomas, a dedicated client advocate, finds the best plans to suit each individual’s needs and financial goals.

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When selecting a plan and enrolling in Medicare, having the right support and guidance makes all the difference. Jeff Thomas passionately works alongside clients and their families to help them understand their Medicare options, navigate the enrollment process, and make informed decisions about their coverage.

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We simplify Medicare so you can understand your options and choose a plan that makes sense for YOU.

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We value honesty and doing the right thing in all our our business practices.


We strive to make insurance understandable and easy to navigate for you.


At our core, we care about making sure you and your loved ones are safe and secure.

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